Fast Bite: KFC Double Down

It has been many years since I last ate something from KFC, but even when I did my experience with it before was very limited – namely usually involving the bucket meals. It was my dissatisfaction with the amount of meat you would actually get compared to the amount of bones that kept me away from KFC, so the recent hype about the UK début of the Double Down prompted me to give them another shot while trying something different.

The Double Down itself is £4.79, with it consisting of two chicken fillets with cheese in between them, along with some barbecue sauce. The bacon and cheese variation is £4.99, while adding fries and a drink to make it a meal ups the prices to £5.79 and £5.99 respectively, with another extra charge of 20p to make it a Large meal – note that prices may vary depending upon the branch you visit however.

I’m not generally a fan of barbecue sauce, instead preferring tomato ketchup whenever possible, but in this case it works well in conjunction with the chicken and the cheese. Overall I would say that the Double Down as a whole was tasty, but I wouldn’t say it lived up to the hype, particularly as (having chosen the cheese and bacon option) the bacon wasn’t really noticeable in the taste despite its presence, along with the price premium overall.

I would suggest more sensible prices to be £2.79/£2.99, or £3.79/£3.99 for the meal (the extra 20p to make it a Large could still be applicable), although I’d also like for the bacon to be more obvious (perhaps making it crispy would help).

Due to all of this, I would rate the Double Down as 3.5 stars out of 5.

TL;DR: Worth a try if you happen to pass by a KFC while it is available and don’t mind the price, but not worth a dedicated trip just to buy it.